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Virtual Beginner Drawing

Kiya Nicole

In this class we will do a graphite still life drawing. I will go over hatching and cross hatching techniques to build value to create depth, and use basic shapes to build our objects. We will review how to create a dynamic composition to make a beautiful drawing! The techniques you will learn are foundational skills that can be applied to a variety of drawing styles and projects. Each class focuses on a different object. Note that you can take...

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Virtual Beginner's Watercolor

Kiya Nicole

In this class you will learn the techniques to create an abstract watercolor painting using “wet on wet” technique. This process can be a source of relaxation and creativity in stressful times. By building up layers of paint and allowing the medium to flow, you will create a beautiful piece of art. The techniques you will learn can be applied to a number of painting styles and is a foundational skill for watercolor painting. Materials Needed...

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Virtual Landscape Watercolor

Kiya Nicole

Using different watercolor techniques we will explore landscape painting. Participants will use a landscape of their choice, or follow along for step by step instruction on how to approach landscape painting. This class is perfect for beginner and intermediate students. Materials Needed to Fully Participate: Watercolor set (any set is fine, the following is recommended: Small and medium round watercolor brush (any...

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Virtual Exploring Techniques

Kiya Nicole

In this fast paced class we will discover the many possibilities of watercolor painting. Students will experiment with how to apply unconventional materials to watercolor to create a variety of results. Perfect for all levels looking to play with watercolor and try new things! Materials Needed to Fully Participate: Watercolor paint, Lots of watercolor paper (can be small pieces!) Other materials needed: (not all are necessary but have at least...

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