Macaron Tart Inc.

Macaron Tart Inc.

Antioch, Washington, District of Columbia
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All natural made from scratch french macarons and tarts; high tea anytime; and recreational cooking classes is offered. Brunch all day, eggs bacon, crepes, chicken salad croissants; and quiche with salad. We also provide catering options. Recreational cooking classes are held in the kitchen at the pastry store taught participation style. Cooking classes for families, kids, and adults. We ship macarons nationwide from out online store. There are gluten free, nut free; and sugar free and dairy free options. Macarons are gluten free, come in variety perfumes and are made on the premises naturally.

The baking classes & cooking classes are geared towards the non-prefessional (amateur or enthusiast) who like to learn to prepare food the right fun and simple way using natural ingredients; taught in both demonstration and participation styles to utilize the best time to make most products from scratch.

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5471 Merchants View Sq Haymarket, VA, Washington, District of Columbia 20169
Macaron Tart Inc.
5471 Merchants View Sq Haymarket, VA
North of Dominion Valley Dr
Washington, District of Columbia 20169

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